By mike t. • December 10, 2018

Listening in Leadership

Have you ever had a boss who did not listen to you? Listening is the key to not only connecting with your people but also allows you to gain insights into the way they think and allows for brand new ideas to be presented. 

There are several benefits to your organization if you approach people with the spirit of intent and an increased focus on listening:

  • Increases employee trust with your leadership
  • New ideas and alternative insights
  • Allows your employees to voice their true minds
  • Creates an image of you to your employees that values feedback and their opinions
As you grow your relationships, you will see an increase in trust and your people will be more open with their ideas and feedback. Making sure to listen to their input and be present when they are discussing issues with you is key to developing trust through your listening abilities. Don't interrupt them, hear what they have to say wholeheartedly and then respond.

The benefits of listening are numerous and your overall organization health and it's an ability to listen while working with each other that will make the work environment successful. Listening to your people creates trust which can translate when you have difficult decisions to make. You can help your team to understand why and get them to champion your cause through trust and understanding built from listening and acting.