By mike t. • October 16, 2018

How to Be a Great Boss


People say that you don't quit jobs, you quit the boss. There are some terrible bosses out there who will take up  people's time and show no appreciation for what their employees contribute. On the other side of the coin, there are great bosses whom work everyday to grow their team to be as successful as possible. Here are a few things you can do to be a great boss to your people.

1. Build Trust Through Your Actions
Saying you will do something is not the same as actually completing it. Your word should be as good as gold, and your team should feel that whatever you do, you follow through when action is needed. Take the reigns of your team and lead them through example. Dictate the behaviors you want from everyone on your team by displaying them yourself and people will trust you to do what you say.

2. Create a Clear Vision for the Team's Success
Craft your goals and measures of success with your end goal in mind, but also think of the team that has to help you get there. Eliminate confusion among your people by assisting them to understand the plan of action and making sure their questions have answers.

3. Listen to the Needs of Your People
One on one's and feedback are needed to get the best out of a person. Be candid and professional when delivering any input. Positive feedback is encouraged because we all love when someone tells us that we are doing a great job! Set time aside to accept any feedback from your employees as well and take steps to adjust when needed.

4. Use EQ to Connect With Your Employees
Humility is a trait of a great leader and humble leaders who recognize the emotional state of others through their Emotional Intelligence can connect with people like no other. Understanding that your employees are people with lives beyond work and connecting with them on a personal level can bring a team together to become an even greater success.

5. Celebrate Individual and Team Victories
When your team succeeds, you succeed and recognizing your people for their contributions is an easy thing to do if you are mindful of successes. Knowing what your team cares about and giving them the attention for whatever genuinely matters to them is what is essential. We all celebrate victory differently, but rewarding and recognizing others by commemorating together is an easy way to bring the team together for even more success in the future!


Taking your skills to the next level can help to elevate your team and allow you to grow both your business and your relationships with your staff.